Apple II Programs


Title:                 ACK-ACK
Author:             Jim Anderson
RAM:                    8K
Language:        Integer BASIC
Media:              Cassette
Description:   This is a game for the sharp of eye and the fleet of finger. The object is to shoot down the enemy RECON DRONES before they can photograph your anti-aircraft batteries.

AP002 Active Filter

Title:                 Active Filter
Author:             Joel Aromin
RAM:                    48K
Language:        Machine Language (Applesoft Rom Only)
Media:              Diskette
Description:   This program designs multiple feedback OP-AMP audio filters from specifications given by the user. LOW PASS, HIGH PASS and BAND PASS. Schematics and foil pattern are drawn in HIRES. The program also calculates circuit specifications given the component values.

AP003 Algebra I

Title:                 Algebra I
Author:            Jose Farran
RAM:                32K
Language:        Applesoft
Media:              Cassette
Description:   This program is used to solve first degree algebraic equations. The program shows each iteration of work much like an algebra student would. This program is great for both BASIC LEARNING and REVIEW.

AP004 Alien Encounters

Title:                 Alien Encounters
Author:            Metz and Mahin
RAM:                32K
Language:        Applesoft (Can be run in 48K Applesoft RAM)
Media:              Cassette
Description:   This is an ACTION GAME in HIGH RESOLUTION GRAPHICS. The S.S. PROGRAMMA has been sent to the Bermuda Triangle to patrol the search the waters and try to solve the mystery of all the dissappearances. Armed with a POWERFUL LASER CANNON and MISSLE LAUNCHER it cuts through the waters of the ATLANTIC OCEAN in search of an ALIEN ENCOUNTER. One player is the ALIEN and the other is the CAPTAIN of the S.S. PROGRAMMA.

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